Some Notes on Lachenal Concertina Production and Serial Numbers

Dating concertina Free local video sex chat Rated 3. The button layouts are generally the same as the original button German concertinas designed by Carl Friedrich Uhlig in The heart of the Anglo system consists of two button rows, each of which produces a diatonic major scale in a pattern devised around by Bohemian designer Joseph Richter for use in a harmonica Richter tuning. An advantage of the Richter tuning is that pressing three adjacent notes in one row produces a major triad. Anglo Lachenals are, as far as I know, all considered “student” grade. They’re good instruments with “real” steel or brass concertina reeds and construction, but the action and sound won’t be as nice or as consistent as some other makes mentioned below. These instruments were all made in the UK, so “vintage English” usually refers to a Lachenal, Wheatstone, Jeffries or Crabb, and implies superior compared to the Italian Stagis quality of construction, sound, and playability action. All opinions not directly credited are, however, my own.

Paul Hardy’s 3rd Lachenal Concertina – 52313

Notes on Specific Instruments 1. Russell, 80, Goswell St. Journet, 43, Tottenham Court Rd. This article originated as a set of guidelines that I sent to Chris Algar for the Lachenal serial number dating project. The surviving nineteenth-century ledgers of C. Housed for a number of years at the former Concertina Museum, Belper, Derbyshire, they are now part of the Wayne Archive at the Horniman Museum, London, where they are in the process of being digitised by Robert Gaskins; when that work is completed, they will be made available for research both on the web and on a CD-ROM which will be available from the Museum.

English music sessions in Bath and Bradford on Avon Other odds and sods (including Sidmouth Festival Band) v 25 January Addition of Lachenal dating formulae. Addition of Concertina Maintenance Manual details. Other assorted amendments.

Many found their way to Australia to be played at bush dances and social events from the mid 19th Century. I had it checked out and repaired in April prior to being played at a historical re-enactment during Ironfest, Lithgow. The company was registered on 2 September, From information available on the web, based upon its serial number this lovely little instrument could date from around But dating Lachenal concertinas has been said to be “very hit and miss”. Includes a fabric carry bag.

The Concertina will be well packed. Sale price includes standard rate parcel shipping within Australia by Australia Post. Insurance would be extra at the buyer’s expense. My preferred method of payment is by electronic funds transfer into my nominated bank account. I am happy to answer all inquiries and supply additional photographs. Please note it is also advertised elsewhere, and could be withdrawn from this site without warning. Given its age it presents well, Some repairs carried out in April when examined by a reputable repairer.

English made Lachenal See More.

English concertina

Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture Wes Williams has written an excellent article on this subject which, if you have access to the Internet, can be read at: If you own a Lachenal concertina you can help! Send Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas see section 9, Shops and Dealers a note or an email giving a brief description of your Lachenal concertina and its number. If you still have the original bill of sale or any other way of dating its purchase with certainty so much the better!

If you have a Wheatstone concertina and you can identify the serial number it is normally on one end then this list will tell you the year of manufacture. Sometimes, if the label has been lost from the baffle in the older instruments, it can also be found stamped inside the bellows frame, in the treble-most slots of the reed pan, and on the reed-pan side of the action-box.

Mannings Musicals. All kinds of musical instruments: brass, woodwind, accordions, percussion, electronic equipment, anything to do with making sound and other weird stuff. LACHENAL ENGLISH CONCERTINA, METAL BUTTONS, ROSEWOOD ENDS. LACHENAL MACCANN DUET CONCERTINA. 39 KEY.» FOR SALE» Contact» Shop Photos» Payment Methods.

All the instruments we have for sale are listed here. All instruments we offer for sale are fully restored and tuned to concert pitch. We also offer melodeons and other folk instruments for sale If you have a concertina you think we might be interested in buying, please contact us. Testimonials from our customers names available on request “Really pleased with the work you have done on my concertinas over time. Would not send them to anyone else for tuning” “Very happy with the concertina, it is playing really well – thank you so much” “totally delighted with the tuning of my late 19 Century Bilhorn Brothers telescope organ to concert pitch hz from Hz.

I had a lucky break at a sale and got an original early Wheatstone with glass buttons. It was very pretty, but in sad need of attention. It has just been returned to me today and is playing beautifully and looks great.

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The action of a concertina is one of the most important parts of the instrument. An instrument with a even balanced action is easier to play. Basically there are two types of actions used in vintage concertinas; riveted, as used by Wheatstone, and the ‘hook’ action which you’ll find in Lachenal concertinas. Riveted actions are the better choice. Instruments like Wheatstones play better because the action can be regulated better.

Lachenals in general play harder and are noisier. The type of action used determines the spring pressure needed to close the pad. The more friction and movement in the action, the higher the spring pressure has to be to compensate. Higher spring pressure means more pressure on the keys. In other words, the higher the spring pressure the heavier the instrument plays. An other aspect is the movement within the action.

English Concertina by Lachenal…

A common hornpipe, once through. Some bits of harmony, but not many. Maggie in the Woods Kb An old Irish polka, twice through. A bit of ornamentation the first time through, a bit of harmony and a bit of sloppiness the second time through.

A 19th Century Mahogany Lachenal and Co Concertina with Four Rows of 24 Buttons and Pierced White Metal End Plates.

Then I was was able to solve this identification problem with the help of photographs that I found on Paul Hardy’s George Case Concertina website. The giveaway was the pattern of the tracery on the end plate, it is very similar to mine. I haven’t quite worked out the full origin. I know it’s number is , c. The leather went green with mould, the wood warped, the screws stripped their thread, and the veneer flaked off etc. So it lay untouched until April when I restored it.

The left end was tricky. It was made up of an ebony veneer on two layers of ebony. These three layers were separating badly. I had to replace one of those structural ebony layers with aluminium. It was like doing a three dimensional jig-saw puzzle. Pictures of a George Case Concertina Right End The makers label is reproduction and the adjacent mother-of-pearl inlay has been replaced with plain wood.

I’ve used some ugly oversize washers on the screws to stop the wood being chewed up.

Anglo G/C Lachenal Concertina

Mahogany ends with plastic buttons, 6-fold bellows, leather hand straps. Mahogany ends, plastic buttons. Steel reeds in aluminum frames.

English concertina for sale in excellent the concertina and how to play it by paul de ville a copy that has been read, but remains in excellent condition. lot of 2 concertina 3d board books by lion publishing.

QR Code Lachenal metal-ended English concertina. The English concertina is a member of the concertina family of free-reed musical instruments. Invented in England in , it was the first instrument of what would become the concertina family. It is a fully chromatic instrument, having buttons in a rectangular arrangement of four staggered rows; its buttons are unisonoric, producing the same note on both the push and pull of the bellows.

It differs from other concertinas in that the scale is divided evenly between the two hands, such that playing a scale involves both hands alternately playing each note in sequence. History The invention of the instrument is credited to Sir Charles Wheatstone ; his earliest patent of a like instrument was granted 19 December , No in Great Britain.

Tour of a Concertina

This is a “broad stroke” explanation of concertinas, the different keyboard layouts, reed types, and quality classifications. Its purpose is primarily to provide an elementary understanding of the differences between the available models. Concertinas are available in 3 keyboard layouts Anglo each button plays a different note on ‘pull’ and ‘push’, much like a mouth harmonica.

Row 3 consists of notes not included in the 1st and 2nd row as well as a few doubles. Row 1 and 2 are in major keys: Initially easy to play simple tonal tunes because of the lay out of the keyboard.

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Download Posted 15 August Directory A lachenal serial numbers of full copies of nine historic concertina patents. Just beyond it is the three-storey Georgian building at number 8 which was Louis Lachenal’s original address in the street. I have since enjoyed playing it to myself. Wheatstone’s patent of How to choose a Vintage Concertina Lachenal made about , concertinas, and Wheatstone 35, , and since they numbdrs lachenal serial numbers cheap instruments most people held on to lachwnal, and many of them survive today.

Lachenal serial numbers Lachenal serial numbers Lachenal serial numbers It may well have been that lachenal serial numbers simply brought the idea back from Germany. Members nubers the Lachenal family have told me that Elizabeth Lachenal had Socialist leanings! The site of the old Lachenal lachenal serial numbers at nos. None of these patents has any current force, all have either lapsed or been abandoned. Lachenal serial numbers All known ledgers have been digitized some 2, pages in total and made available free on this website for private research.


It comes in all shapes, sizes, sounds and styles. It is part of the squeezebox, bandoleon, conzertina, melodeon, accordion, and associated button-box family. The harmonica is also a close member of the family. The concertina is by far the daddy of them all in regard to versatility and complexity.

Dating Lachenal concertinas is unfortunately very hit and miss. I have been told that when Wheatstone took Lachenal over they burnt all their records – an act of .

The Tunes The selection of tunes is based on their suitability for the Anglo and their popularity amongst Australian style players. The collection is unashamedly focused on collected Australian songs and tunes. Those collected from concertina players have been favoured, as have tunes collected from accordion or fiddle players who learnt them from a concertina player, such as a father or older relative or neighbour.

The tunes have been sourced by the following means: Note for note musicological transcription has it place in academia’s ivory towers but is useless in making the music accessible and enjoyable to play. Interpreting recordings of older players is a labour of love. In amongst the flow and sweetness of the music there are missed notes, dud notes, mis-timings and memory lapses due to a number of significant factors.

The musicians are unfortuneately often past their musical prime. Intonation and timing can be rough and also the habitual trills and decorations that used to come easily previously can falter and distort the flow. Often the tunes haven’t been played for many years and the player is not as “in practice” as they would have been when playing regularly. Instruments that have been neglected can be out of tune or adjustment.

So it is important to view each transcription with a sceptical respect. It is important to listen to the primary sources for yourself. The nuances of the style can never be transmitted by written music.

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Crotty came down from the town of Kilrush She plucked a high note from the bird in the bush She sang all the day without ever a blush Good girl yourself Mrs. It recalls one of our best loved and revered characters, the concertina player Elizabeth Crotty. At the turn of the century like Elizabeth herself, the concertina was only in its infancy. However, its popularity among the working class spread and soon it was commonly played in Industrial bands and other organisations such as The Salvation Army.

And so it was these bulky but affordable German models with their big buttons, decorative bellows and husky tone that Elizabeth Crotty as a young woman would have been familiar with.

Lachenal Edeophone 56 button extended treble english concertina. Raised ebony ends;metal buttons; steel reeds of the best quality. This instrument is in very good original condition and plays well. It’s voice and action are consistent with the better Lachenals of this period. The original bellows are in extremely good condition and still bear.

I have been learning about web design for the past few months. YouTube here, forums there, trying to get this site how I want it. I think it is there now. The shop is in its first iteration. There are spare parts available online, for all well known makes of concertinas; Wheatstone, Lachenal, Jeffries, Jones etc. Parts are supplied for all Victorian concertinas including bellows, pads, springs, valves, buttons, straps etc.

Jackie 30 Button English Concertina Versus Lachenal 48 Button

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